Goji - Golden berries

Hey how do you guys think Goji and golden berries will preform with the experimental pods. and what are the most exotic plants have you grown in the experimental pods.

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I just started scarlet runner beans… they are soo pretty, I am on day 8 just sprouted. Pretty excited about the one! Goji sounds neat!

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@sound.elixir , are you growing it right now? It is definitely feasible to start the seeds in a smart garden, as goji is a shrub it needs transplanting outdoors. I tried it once, but it did not sprout, maybe I had bad seeds… If you have success with goji, definitely share it with us :relaxed:

@Canadian, scarlet runner beans sound like a really cool challenge. We have tested french dwarf beans and I must say, it was quite nice, we also got a little harvest out of it, without transplanting. :relaxed: