Issues growing lavender at home

Im not sure if I’m doing this right but I have a question.
I’m trying to grow lavender at home from my click and grow system but I think I’m seeing mold and something else I don’t recognize.
Not sure if anything is clear in the pictures but there’s are parts of the pod that look more dense and almost looks sticky? Any suggestions for a solution?

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Hello @danielle

Good to have you! From this picture, the plants are looking good. But I’m thinking maybe you see green algae growing on the pods. This is common when growing some of Click and Grows ‘slower’ plant pods. You can wipe the algae off or pat it with a kitchen towel to suppress it. The same goes for mold, I don’t see any mold on your picture but patting it away from time to time helps to keep it under control.

As the plants grow bigger the algae and mold also start to disappear. So far the plants seem to be doing okay. If you encounter any other problems be sure to contact the support team through this page:

Happy growing!

Just patted them down and they look good for now. Thanks!

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