Moldy dirt

I have been growing my plants now for almost a month. Everything looks good except the dirt has what looks like mold or something growing. It certainly doesn’t look appetizing. Is this normal? Too much water? Thanks for your input.

Me too and now my lettuce leaves near the stem are wilting. Too much water?
Does anyone from Click and Grow answer these questions?

I was just about to post the same!


I am also of the opinion that there is too much water around and the soil is over moist. I had this problem with my house plants but it all cleared up whenI watered them less regularly.

It would be good to hear from someone in click and grow.

As a precaution I have drained the water, so the float is just above empty, as I think I might have overfilled it to start with.

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What I have read is that if mold appears, you can take the pods out of the garden and let them dry out a bit, for a day or two. It may be that the reservoir was filled too soon. I have had this happen and just taking the pods out for a day or two (I put them in a glass Mason jar) and returning them to the garden after really helped. I did lose my tomato plants before the tomatoes were fully ripe due to mold so I’m watching it closer these days. New plants, a new lesson learned!