Fungus in new pak Choi

One of my tomatoe plants got knocked out about a month and a half after I started growing it and I replaced it with pak Choi. It hasn’t even sprouted yet and it looks like there is fungus growing. The tomatoes seemed to be fine but today I noticed a bug and the leaves are yellowing. Should I just throw the pak Choi plant out? I don’t want it to spread or to touch the fungus to get rid of it to be completely honest and it’s grossing me out. I have 2 more pods anyway since I used only one of the three to replace one tomato plant so I may just go ahead and do that now. Is there a problem with growing the pak Choi next to the tomatoe? Should I try basil or something else instead? Or could it stay empty??

I also seem to have some sort of fungus in my pods… apparently all of them! The peppermint never sprouted and the others that are growing look aweful… I thought those gardens were supposed to be smart and control amount of water etc? Not sure what to do now… can I return my garden?!


No need to worry, because mold and algae are not actually harmful to your plants.
Two main reasons that can cause mold are overwatering and too much warmth. So it’s very important that when you add water, the float shouldn’t rise above the surface of the lid. The float should stay in the middle of the tank. You can try to scrape off the mold but gently as to not damage the plants or seeds.
About peppermint that never sprouted- please send picture to Click&Grow support team and they will send you replacement pods for free.

Hope that you´ll have better luck next time!