Root hair or mold on pak choi, and yellow leaves!

HI, I’m new to click and grow.
I’m growing some pak choi, and discovered some “strandy stuff” and I have no idea if it is root hair or something to be concerned about.
I’ve attached a photo.
I’ve also had a couple of yellow leaves.
Can anyone help please? Thanks

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Hi @Myra!
Great to have you.

These are Pak Choi roots, which are very common sight for this plant. You can be sure your plants are healthy as they have many pale-coloured roots. It is one of the few plants that do this, their roots don’t always grow downwards but all over the place.

Remove the yellowing leaves by the stem, these may be too limp to consume. But keep harvesting the leaves outwards to inwards. When the plants are about 5-7 weeks old it’s best to harvest all pods and plant new ones. Pak choi is a short-lived crop, and will not regrow.

Lovely set up! If you have any more questions I’m here to help you. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for your reply.
As a new click and grower I feel reassured! :slightly_smiling_face: