Spots on Pak Choi

Hello all!

Last weekend I cleaned the algae off the top of my pods, but then I noticed that my Pak Choi was starting to look sad. A few days later, I then noticed that there was a tiny transparent worm in the soil. I immediately took the worm out and treated the pod with diluted hydrogen peroxide, rinsed it with water and squeezed all of the water out good. I also made sure to clean the u-shaped lid and the cup that the pod rests in. The Pak Choi started to look like its normal self again. It’s now 4 days later and I realized that there’s some yellowing in the leaves. The water tank is about half full and the soil isn’t too moist. I’m not too sure if the plant is diseased or it’s not getting enough nutrients or if I should get rid of it and start all over. I took two pictures and hoping that someone can help me lol. I tried to do some research on my own but that didn’t work out too well. There currently aren’t any bugs or worms in site. Thanks in advance!


How old is this plant? How strong peroxide solution did you use?
Roots could be damaged by fungus gnat larvae or too strong peroxide solution. Plant diet might be disturbed when roots are not able to assimilate nutrients.
If plant ‘lasts up to’ date hasn’t passed yet, you can remove older leaves and fingers crossed that young leaves will be healthier!

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Good morning!

The plant is 23 days old. I used 3% hydrogen peroxide, one part peroxide with four parts water. I used this same mixture on a few other plants and they’re still thriving. I’m going to try to remove the leaves and hope for the best! I just wanted to make sure the plant wasn’t diseased. I was going to throw it out and start all over, but I’ll remove the leaves and see what happens.

Thank you so much!