Thinning Pak Choi?

I have just started a new round of mostly leafy greens in my Smart Garden 9. My Pak Choi, Red Pak Choi and Mibuna are already making quite an impressive progress just 4 days after starting them up! I’m counting 7 little sproutlings in my Red Pak Choi, and I was wondering if I should remove some of them?

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Thank you for sharing your experience @helenaf

In the case of all greens, you can leave all seedlings to thrive, even if there are seven of them in one plug. You will be able to harvest the whole plug in 5 to 6 weeks in one go.
Here’s one screenshot of what the Click and Grow official app suggest for a 14 day old Pak choi plant pod. App provides new plant care tips almost every week, depending on the plugs age.