Red pak Choy not growing

Hi I just started using click and grow last Tuesday. So far the lettuce and wasabi mustard seem to be growing well, but the red pakchoy appears to be dying after growing quite well initially.


Does anyone have any advice? Does this have to do with the climate I am in? I am in Singapore where it is hot (26-34 Celsius) and humid all the time, and the room the click and grow is in is not air conditioned in the daytime.

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Hi @Weiyen , sorry to see that!

Unfortunately, most edible greens (also Pak Choi) are sensitive to hot temperatures, upto 24C. It may be that Lettuce and Wasabi Mustard may tolerate it better than your pak choi.

You can find more information about preferred temperature under plant care on the product page, or on the app in the plant catalog or under plant info once you register the plant pod.

Sometimes, adding a ventilator that improves air movement may help plants that struggle with temperature.