Nothing else grows well except Basil - what could be the problem

This has happened again, and the light is at a height
Water is not an issue
The basil is growing fine
The pokchoi replacement you sent has again become like this
[4:48 pm, 26/08/2021] Grow Smart Greens: Thanks for the photos,
Can you please check if the soil in the pak choi are wet or somewhat dry ?
Just you can pickup the soil cake and check if it’s too much wet - when squeezed very gently water drips , or feels dry when we hold in hand - or moist okay
Suchika Gupta: Ok it is wet.

Suchika Gupta: Again the same thing, only basil ever grows rest everything dies like this
Suchika Gupta: It seems like the only thing successful in grow smart green is basil

Leaf Mustard failed to grow:

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Hi @Manisha

Really sorry to see your greens are struggling.
It is some sort of leaf burn, that we occasionally see on young Brassica seedlings, but we can’t quite explain why it happens. It is not a common problem and mostly young seedlings do recover but I agree that those seedling on the pictures look hopeless.

Could you specify what are the growing conditions, especially the temperature for Leaf Mustard and Pak Choi?

The temperature in my house is always maintained between 25-32 degrees
And this is kept indoors