Harvesting Bok Choy

Can you tell me start to finish and if you have pics what it should look like at harvest stage?

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I am trying to find some photos for you. But there is a wonderful video on the Click and Grow YouTube channel about harvesting bok choy/pak choi: https://youtu.be/EI6z_F51irU?feature=shared

Actually, with leafy greens, there are two possible options for harvesting the plants:
Option 1: Single Harvest
Trim the entire plant 30 - 35 days after planting
Option 2: Gradual Harvest
Cut off large outer leaves first (25 days after planting)

The easiest way is to count the days from planting because for some plants harvesting starts even around 3rd week of growing leaf by leaf. Depending on how quickly it germinates the full single harvest can be done around 35 days, but if the plant is slower then it can be around 45 days too.

Some pictures to illustrate the mass in Smart Garden 9.
The plant on the right is Pak Choi, and on the left is Thai Basil.
On the 27th day, the pak choi was perfect for harvesting.

14 days after planting

21 days after planting

27 days after planting

Hope this gives some ideas :slight_smile:


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