Red beet leaf chard

My app says Mohammad and Elvie can have their outer leaves harvested. They are 32 days old. This is my first garden. I was expecting larger leaves. These guys wouldn’t make more than one serving together. Will harvesting the outer leaves make the rest of the plant grow better? Is it okay to wait longer before harvesting any of the plant and it is okay to go longer than 40 days?

Here is the photo, I meant to upload of Mohammad and Elvie!

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Hi, it is a decent size for a pod started 32 days ago, it is a healthy looking chard in a baby leaf size that is great addition to meals just as it is- fresh.
Chard reacts very well when harvested in cut and come again manner, so feel free to remove larger outer leaves now and the inner leaves will provide you more yield later. The pod lasts in the garden for 40 days easily. Here’s a tutorial how to harvest green chard.