Mold in Green Lettuce pod

My 9 seeds were started on July 18 and all are doing well except one green lettuce pod which has mold on the surface. Should I discard this plant so it does not affect the others? I saw Ms. Tenney’s post from Aug ‘18. Is this the same safe mold?

Hi, indeed, finding mold on the soil surface may raise some questions, but it is really harmless at this stage. Some growers scrape it off with a tissue or sprinkle some cinnamon on it to keep it off.

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Thank you.

I have a suggestion as an answer to this mold. In my case I had some oranges on a bag near the garden. They were there for storage purposes. At some point I noticed that the oranges had mold on them so I threw them at the garbage. The next day I found mold on the top of the pods in my SM9. Not all of them but definitely the closer to the bag.