Is this mold (GC25)

Hi there, i have a question to my CG25 - during the germination phase (with the humidity dome) have his strange thing which looks like mold. It happens more on the RedKale pots, Kale, etc. Also my humiditiy domes looks quite wet? Any suggestions (despite cinamon)?
Thanks a lot

It is inevitable. Cinnamon helps me, but not everyone. The mold is completely harmless to you and the plant so nothing to worry about there. You can gently scrape it off if it’s and esthetic problem.

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thank you. I did not know that it is harmless. thanks

I will test the u-shaped lid from Click & Grow 9 - i have a lot and maybe bit cinamon in advance

i will let you know my results in the thread here.


Here is the official article in the support section:

Definitely add cinnamon on top of the pod immediately when you plant it. This prevents mold for me completely with quick growing plants. Fruiting plants still get mold after a while.

Thank you!