Green spots on soil


New Click&Grower here! I started my C&G 27 10 days ago. When I started, I didn’t fill the water tank all the way because I didn’t want to over water the pods. Majority of my plants have sprouted and the dome are off. I did keep the u-shaped lid on. This morning, I noticed a few green spots in the soil of about 5-7 plants. The green spots are located on the part of the soil that is not covered by the u-shaped lid. I dabbed the spots to remove them with 1 q-tip per plant. I also removed the pods to checked the water tanks to see if there is any algae in the tanks, but there isn’t any. I was wondering if the green spots are algae or if it’s the fertilizer releasing? The color green on the q-tip was a bit dark. Thank you!

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Hi, @PageJiton,

It is probably just algae on the soil surface and it does no harm to your plants.

It would not hurt to add a picture to make sure all is well. :wink:

Thanks for the information! I’m not too sure If you can see it in the pictures but I’ll attach them anyways lol. I also can across some mold this morning. Are there any suggestions that can help me? I noticed it around the plants and in the section that’s not covered by the u-snapped lid.

Here’s a closer look!