Moldy soil


I would like to approach you for support regarding my first gardening experience.

I noticed quite a lot of mould in all of the pots. Plants started to wither. The soil is moist.

Is these anyrhing I could do to fix this?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I am having the same issue with moldy soil.

I have the same problem , my plants are dying

My leaf are wilting looks like my tomatoes are dying and I have lots of little tomatoes. Growing over light bar , y’all don’t have extensions for the (nine )click and grow in stock, when are you get them in. Dirt is molded. Scratch the mold out. Have email you several times and can’t get any help. I spend a whole lot of money on this how about so HELP !!!

Hi everyone,
Are you sure that the problems your plants have are related to the mold? (Maybe temperature or nutrients could be wrong?)

Mine have mold, but are growing well.

Maybe strawberries need too much nutrients and that’s why they struggle?
(Let’s be honest… the pods are tiny and we expect mass production of strawberries)

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This is how some of mine look:

We added some cinnamon to help prevent the spread, but got mixed results. Looks like it slows down the growth of the plants but not sure.


Cinnamon really works! I had a great results when i first wiped it off with paper towel and then added cinnamon. Now i add cinnamon right after plugging new soil in, it helps to prevent it also.


My plant’s dirt also has mold. Someone mentioned cinnamon - was that a response to the earlier inquiry? I’m having a problem finding the answers that were given.

Hi @Steven_Uhlenberg! Cinnamon helps. Wipe off the mold with paper towel and add thick layer of cinnamon. I usually add cinnamon as i put new soils in to prevent mold.

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hi saladbar. i added cinnamon powder too. i think it does help. waiting and watching :wink: