Blighted tomato :(

Hi! This is my first ever crop, and one of the tomatoes ain’t looking so hot. Some kind of white fuzz around the stem, other biology occurring on the surface of the soil… Is this something that could spread to the other tomatoes? Should it be extirpated? Thank you for any advice!

Hi @Neil_Satterlund!

Sometimes it happens that all plants are not growing at the same speed. I would suggest to pinch off bottom withered leaves. Make sure to thin your tomatoes (one plant per pod) so that the plant gets enough light and nutrients during it’s growing cycle. Thinning video:
As soil is made of peat and coconut fiber and it’s constantly moist, it is a favorable environment for the plant and unfortunately also for mold to grow. But there are some tricks you could to to prevent it and treat it.
Wipe off the mold with a paper towel and add a thick layer of cinnamon powder. If mold appears often, cinnamon could be added as a preventative measure when new pods are plugged in.
You can read more about mold here:

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