My pod wont sprouting

My 2 pods wont sproutting after 3 weeks
I dont know why
Is that because 3 different plant at the same time?
And it has something green…

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Hello @Shandy,
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Different plants act a little bit differently from each other, (nature can be tricky) and it is probably the case here. Most plants should germinate within 3 weeks from inserting them into cups, so it could be old or faulty pods we’re dealing with. We do replace the ungerminated pods for free with new ones. Please write to our Support, who are more than happy to assist you further. Please write a request in here.
Could you tell me what you planted? I see the tomato on the side has germinated and is looking healthy.

I strongly recommend using the white U-shaped lids and transparent germination domes. Both are designed to benefit germination. U-shaped lids keep the green stuff (algae) that is common to see next to slow-growing plants or ungerminated pods. The algae can be removed by tapping on it gently with a tissue. Transparent domes help to keep the desired humidity, creating a Greenhouse effect.
Also, be mindful when adding water to the tank, do not overflow it. Too much water can do harm to the seedlings too. The float should be levelled with the top lid of the garden.

One crucial tip when growing tomatoes is to remove all extra seedlings - leave only one plant to grow. The tomato plant pods usually have multiple seeds in them but to have the best result and a lot of tiny tomatoes it needs to be thinned. Here is a helpful video from our Youtube channel on how to thin your tomatoes: How-To Thin Mini Tomato - YouTube. Thinning can be done by hand, just pull out the undesired seedlings leaving the best one to grow.

The empty pods will probably be useless without the seeds, so if you want you can try to plant the thinned-out tomatoes into these pods or just remove them. You can also try growing something from your own seeds.