Red tomatoes

Hi, I started 3 red tomato pods 3 weeks ago; 2 are doing fine and look healthy, but one is doing nothing at all. They all came from the same pack. Any ideas?

It would be best if you can post the photos of your plants.


All planted together, from the same pack.

It’s quite possible that during the transport, the seeds got dislodged from the pod. It happened to me before. Fortunately, I noticed that the seeds stuck in the removable adhesive side of the packaging and reseated them in the pods. Next time, carefully remove the packaging sheet and make sure that you replant the dislodged seeds. The seeds may also be found at the bottom of the packaging.

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Ok, thanks. That’s a pain, but I know for another time.

Contact click and grow support. Send them that same photo. They will usually send you new pods. :slight_smile:

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Oh, ok, thank you, that would be good!

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