What are the small balls in the tomato plant?

Is this normal for the tomato plant. Lots of small balls can be seen. It’s been only a week but it seems a little odd. Thoughts

It’s the plant seeds. With time they will grow. Keep the plastic domes on and if possible a temperature around 24.

Those balls are slow release fertiliser. They will dissolve as the plant grows


Thanks Salvo it’s been 14 days and nothing has sprouted, could it be a plant issue or should I wait a little longer

Well it depends of the plant. What plant did you use?

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Baby tomato everything else I have has sprouted.

Well if it doesn’t sprout in the next 7 days it would be a problem. I would suggest you to either buy some seeds and try something else or you can simply speak with customer service and they will be able to replace the pod.

Thanks Salvo I’ll wait another week and see

hey how did it go?

I ended up changing it out and right away it started to grow it’s coming along nice. Thanks for checking in.

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How many days did it take to sprout?

About 5 I think

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