Sweet Red Pepper seedlings' leaves are pale

My plants look healthy otherwise but the color is quite pale compared to other seedlings I’ve started in my SG3. The one at the far end of the light bar is most pale and the one in the middle is a little deeper in color than the other two. Between the camera and the screen, it’s hard to differentiate colors but, FWIW . . .

I know not to add any nourishment and the light is already at its lowest. Is there anything I should do? Or is this normal behavior for the sweet pepper?

Thanks for helping. I hope you all are well and staying safe.


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Hi @HappyME

Nicely thinned pepper pods!

At this stage, it would be wise to check the lamp height. If it has just one lamp arm it will do just fine.
As it is about to form the first pair of two leaves I would just give it some time, as the seedling is rooting in and that takes a lot of effort from a tiny plant.
I would not add any nutrients to plant pods, young seedlings as such are especially sensitive to high nutrient levels.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Marjam

I rotated the pods which may or may not have made any difference. In any event, they’re looking better. I have noticed (not just with this “crop” but since I began) that the light from the far end of the SG3 LED-bar is less direct; more diffuse. I’ve often wondered why the designers didn’t extend the bar a bit further out over the float. Obviously the SG9 has more complete light coverage which is nice but I can’t afford that one. Anyway, I’m making do with pod rotation and maybe some year Santa will be especially kind to me.

Anyway - and sorry to wander away from the topic at hand - the peppers look healthy with improving color.

I did wonder whether these peppers “behave” as their in-garden cousins do in that they are actually ready to eat at full size when they’re a nice full green color. I usually try to wait for the color to form but often give in to temptation before they do. I’ll try hard with this bunch! 🫑 Uh… what is full size?

Thanks again. You’re always so helpful!

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sweet peppers may be harvested once the fruits are fully formed and green in color :slight_smile:


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