Pests- Thrips

I’ve just took off the dome from the basil and the plant is already looks like this. The brown leaves are so dry
I noticed this earlier on my elder basil plants as well but those were in a different garden.
May I have some ideas how to solve this? :pleading_face:

Hi Amina

I’m sorry to say but this is thrips damage. Thrips are small slender insects that feed on plants by puncturing and sucking up the contents inside leaves. I can also see the damage in the background on thyme leaves because they leave behind silvery, shiny spots on the leaves. The quickest way to get rid of thrips is to clean the whole garden as they can be stubborn little pests to deal with. Even after cleaning, and throwing away the damaged plants, it is best to keep the garden in quarantine for a few weeks. Please find the instructions in the thread above . Also, if you have noticed these signs before, inspect other plants growing nearby to avoid new infestation.

Please feel free to contact our Support, who can help you get new pods. Here’s their email: If anything else I am here to help.

Good luck!

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Hi Debora,

Thank you so much for your response. I wouldn’t thought that is a pests infection! I’ll following your guide.
Thanks again :smile: