What are these insects and how to get rid of them?

Hello fellow click&growers!

I’m getting dead tired of fighting these little parasites again and again.
Planting lavender around doesn’t help (half of my plants are aromatics: basil, Thai basil, sage, etc.)
Using antiseptic spray doesn’t reach all the nooks and crannies of the plants, besides at least once I’d burned half of the thick and leafy basil plant.
I’m manually removing every bug I see and do purposeful checks and massive slaughter (30-40 insects) 1 time a week, but can’t cope… they keep appearing and bringing damage to the leaves and consequentially to the plants.

Can you please advise on the following
What are these insects?
How do I get rid of them?
If a leaf has a small number of eggs/larvae on them, should I clean up this leaf or remove it altogether?
I believe that the source of the insects are Thai basil pods - has anyone encountered similar issue with these pods?

Many thanks!

Not sure what the insect is but not one I’ve had a problem with. Yes, remove leaves with eggs. No way to get rid of those eggs 100%. I make my own insecticidal soap up but you can buy commercial ones at garden centers. Here is a good link: https://www.gardenbetty.com/make-your-own-insecticidal-soap-for-natural-pest-control/
Good luck.


You have thrips, unfortunately.
It is quite difficult to get rid off them. In Indoor conditions it does not matter how many aromatic plants you have there- they destroy everything.

First thing is to clean everything up, that also means you may need to give up on some plants. And, even then you will not catch them all. They also live in soil and can be dormant for months. Depends on where you are located, you can purchase sticky straps for thrips, especially blue ones, to decrease the number of pests. Sticky card traps are also good for monitoring the actual density of pests. Also, if it is feasible, get some Swirski mites, that are natural enemy for thrips, Koppert is the company to search for.

If you have done it all, always monitor your plants carefully. If you find a silver/gray spots on your plants again (it means there is new larvae developing in the leaf), remove the leaf. This way you can avoid new colony taking over your garden again.

Good luck! I have won the war with them once, it is feasible.


Many thanks! Will definitely consider the soap… I’ve been feeling insecticidal for such a long time :smiley:

Thank you very-very much for such a detailed reply and awesome tips… I love the Swirski one especially, can’t wait to set get cross-species action going :slight_smile: We and our plants shall overcome!

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I make a spray with a little habrenero red chilli tea and add a light touch of dawn dish soap. Works on most bugs I have had problems with. I stay every 7 days. The dawn usually takes the coating off the eggs and the tea burns the heck out of the pests.


Thank you! An interesting approach, although my pests :smiley: thrive on purple chili without any noticeable harm :smiley:

Ok did not know that. But dawn detergent still eats the coating off most insect eggs. Am gonna be busy for a bit in my plant rooms but when done will check my friends see if any of them have suggestions.

Thanks again :slight_smile:
I grow my plants to eat them and avoid chemicals whenever possible.

I go as natural as possible. I make tincture and different things with most of what I grow. My chamomile catnip vape I make is the only thing that makes it so I can sleep.

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Which soap do you use? Could you provide the formula use for soap and water?