Insects in my Wallfarm


I have spotted some insect in my wall farm (please see picture). I have clean with water all my plants and the wall farm also. I have still some. What are they ? what can I do to destroy them definitely ? Are the plants still comestible ?

Thanks for your help


could it be a greenfly? Does it have a soft body? Maybe its something else?

Is there any damage visible on the plants also, or sticky nectar on the plants and garden?

No damage visible on the plant. Seems that it is more interesting on plants like Chili Pepper or Yellow sweet pepper leaf. Not tomatoes or Red Basil …
Any idea ?

Do you have any pics of the colony of the insects on the plant?

There is some info about insects and plant health here I hope you find it useful!

Hi, there is no colony. Few insects I can spot on the plastic. I attach two new pictures. Can someone confirm to me what it is ?
Thanks for tour help

These look like aphids. Try to remove as many of them as possible from your garden, this way you could prevent a colony from forming.

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Thanks for your reply. Is there also an ecological mean to destroy them like vaporising some ecological products (black soap + water, etc …) ?

Hi Jean-Frederic,
A good exterminator is a liquid dish soap like Ivory in a spray bottle. When I use liquid detergent I use a 2 water to 1 soap. Cut yours to your comfort level.
I also understand that the plants like the nitrates in the soap.

If there’s only a few aphids that have not started a colony yet you should just collect them and monitor your plants carefully. Maybe you get away just with a warning :wink:
Soap is does not taste good on edible plants, if you intend to eat them soon.

Thanks for your help