Uh oh, insect alert

These little white insects have suddenly appeared on two of my plants - a mature coriander plant and a just-flowered chilli plant. Any tips to get rid of them please?



Hi @aidan77,

it seems you have aphids there feeding on your plants. Those white things on the garden lid are no longer the insects, but old skins. Carefully inspect your plants, you’ll find green or black soft bodies there. It is feasible to wash them off under running water, you need to repeat this several times and carefully monitor your plants daily. Remove every aphid you find, because it only takes one of them to start a new colony again.

Some clickers have successfully used sulfur soap solution to wash off aphids on their chili plants. Soap makes it unpleasant for the pests and irritates their skin, but is harmless for the plant.

Good luck!