Pepper plants developing some white fungus/insects behind the leaves


Recently last week all my pepper plants have been developing some kind of white fungus /worms/insects behind the leaves… also suddenly the leaves are turning yellow/ wilting… I have Yellow Sweet pepper and purple chili pepper - 87 days old plans now.

Please suggest how to remove this fungus – as its affecting all the plants now…


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So sorry to see plants that had developed so well under attack now.

First impression is that it is a mealybug infection…? It this white mass alive?

No matter what the actual diagnosis is I would recommend to abandon those plants. In indoor conditions it is very difficult to clean up the plants in such level that it would not spread again.

You can find some helpful tips from our blog here:

First this is to clean it up asap and monitor all indoor plants very carefully. Let us know if you need more help.

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