Some fungus on my Red hot peppers ๐Ÿ˜ž

Hi! I have noticed today some white fungus on the stem of my peppers. They have 1 month old and te leaves seem ok. The rest of my plants also seem ok.

Could you help me with some advice to remove the fungus? Iโ€™m concerned it infects the rest of the plantsโ€ฆ

Thanks! :wink:


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Hi @Monica, welcome to the community!

The white thing on the roots, between those two plants, is root hair and perfectly normal to occur, this is also why the plants look healthy.

Next time it would be wise to separate the seedlings and leave just one seedling to grow per plant pod. This assures there is enough space, light, and nutrients for the plant to thrive through the whole life cycle.

You can find useful plant care tips on the product page or on the app.

Happy growing!

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Thank U so much :wink: I will keep you posted!

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