Root hairs or mold?

i did ask support about this, but still waiting on a response so i thought i would post here to see what other insight i can get as i am waiting. so im growing chili peppers and there seems to little fuzzies on the stems and at first i thought it was just root hairs, but my boyfriend was like “no, that looks like mold” and told me if i take off the dome now, i can save the chili peppers. he thinks the cause of this is because my room is too hot when it comes to the summer so the humidity for my garden skyrocketed and caused possible mold. what do they look like to you guys?

It’s probably mold. You can scrape it off.

I got told by support thae the fuzz is part of the growing process and it is not mould

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True story, this is root hair and totally natural :slight_smile: