Should not the seeds stay in the dark to sprout faster?

It’s all in the title.

So, I’ve heard that some sprouts are better grown in the dark.

With the smart garden, dark comes only 8h/24h (maybe less than 8h in my city, because of light pollution at night). Is it a good option to turn off the light on the first days ?

What do you thinks guys ?



Good question!
Most seeds prefer to germinate in the dark. Some (Busy lizzie for example) need light for germination.

We have seen in our tests that most plants germinate just okay when the lamp is on. But I recommend you give it a try and let us know about the results!

@mirjam do you know which plants would be most sensitive?


Thank you, I’ll give it a shot then ! :slight_smile:

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It is fine to start the lamp cycle as soon as the pod is planted. We have not detected any delays in germination due to the light. If there are problems with germination there are usually other factors involved.
There are quite a lot plants in Click and Grow selection that actually prefer to germinate on the soil surface e.g. basils, all plants germinate nicely with the lamp on.
Also, if the seed is planted on the surface- it is much more fun and informative to see the process of germination- some people really enjoy this.

Though, gardening is all about experimenting- so give it a go!