Do my plants need “sleep”

What is the best light cycle? Should I extend the number of light hours and leave the light bar off at night? Or should the light be on when it is completely dark outside (= 24 hour light for the plants)

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Hi @SoerenTM, welcome to the community!

Smart Gardens have a built-in timer that keeps the lamps 16 h on and 8 h off. It is suggested to plug it in early in the morning, so it would provide day time during the day and it will be off when it is night. So yes, plants really need some time off and darkness during the 24 h cycle to thrive.

Hi Mirjam

Thanks for the answer. Also on behalf of my newly started basil :seedling:salad :seedling:and tomatoes :seedling:which now get light from morning to late evening. And a good night’s rest …

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It is great to start with “the starter kit”, this way you can try out a bit of everything. Also, as all of those plants grow in different pace and need some care through growing I really suggest to use the app. It allows you to register your smart garden. Once you add plants to it, it will provide timed tips on how to take care of the plant and when and how to harvest it.

Happy growing!