24-hour light cycle does not repeat

i have a brand new .click and .grow smart garden 3 planter. it cycled through one 24 hour on/off period but did not repeat. i had to unplug and replug it to start the cycle. isn’t this supposed to do that automatically?

Hello @njjohnson

The Smart Garden 3 has an automatic built-in timer set for 16h for light and 8h for light off.
Do I understand correctly that after 24 hours of being connected to the socket, the garden did not light up at the same time as you plugged it in?

If that’s so please contact Click and Grow Support here: https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us

All the best

Debora…It turns out I was just impatient. C&G working fine. Now here are two more questions:

(1) If I turn it on at 3am, the light cycle will end at 7pmand will be off from then until 3am and thus not be shining when i go to bed (i live in a one-room loft). Is that a problem? I assume the plants don’t care when the cycle takes place.

(2) Another solution to the problem of the glaring light i have tried is to cover the C&G with an upturned paper grocery bag when i go to bed. i cut a hole in the bottom of the bag so it is actually in the form of a sleeve that is open at each end. This filters the light and actually is rather lovely…like a chinese lantern! There is no build up of heat. pics herewith…

thanks for your reply…norma johnson

Oh, nice to know everything is working properly.

  1. It’s fine, and as long as you are comfortable with the cycle. The light can be bright to have it around all the time, I know. But plants will need a few hours of darkness in 24 hours to keep the mechanism going. So yeah the plants will adapt to whatever time you choose to set the cycle.

It’s not the case here, but if somebody else reads this thread then it’s important to be mindful and let the plant have its sleep too and all will be alright! :slight_smile:

  1. As long as it works then it’s good. Looks lovely and it must feel nice to be tucked in for the plants. Just don’t leave the bag on for a long time.

Thanks for the helpful replies. as long as i have you on the line, so to speak, Could you tell me how long one tank of water lasts?

Lasts about 1-3 weeks depending on how big plants are growing there.

In the first few weeks the plants will not take up much water, so it’s safe to add water every 2nd week.
Later when the plants have grown bigger I advise checking the water level every week.

Also, the float will indicate when it’s time to add water to the tank. Easy check through the cups will also let you know how much water is in there.