Lights on or off?

Not sure what to do now…
Got a 9 garden as a present, have question about the (amount of) light-distribution; organize, instal and lights on 18 on/6 off, or do you also work with day-light??? (i.e. when there’s day light- lights off? or keep on even in day-light?

Plug it in on the morning and let it keep the intended 16 hours on 8 hours off rythm.


Hi @Maggy

Congrats on starting an indoor gardening journey! :green_heart:

As @Zaccheus already mentioned, the easiest way is to plug it in once in the morning and the built-in timer will take care of the 16H lamp cycle. Even if there is daylight available, we still recommend keeping the lamp on.

Here’s a tutorial for Smart Garden 9. You will find more tutorials on our YT Channel.

If you are new to indoor gardening, also use our official Click and Grow mobile app. It is free and it will help to keep track of your garden and provides timed tips for your plants.

Happy growing!

We learned the hard way :joy: that our plants needed the lights on during the daylight hours (the 16-hour part of the automatic light cycle), and off during the night (the 8-hour part of the automatic light cycle). We live in the northern hemisphere so we set the unit to turn the lights on at about 5am and off at about 9pm. Our plants are doing much better now. The difference is amazing. Good luck.