When is the best time to plug the garden

I know the garden has 16/8 cycle. But the grow light is for the night or the day? What’s the best time I should plug the garden and start the 16/8 cycle?

I have my C&G timed to light up about 5 min after my morning alarm goes off-so 6:35 am for me. This way it acts like a snooze button and helps me wake up in the morning.
It goes off at 10:30pm which is a good reminder for me for settling down to sleep. change from the news or social media to my bedtime reading. Unwind.

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I had an early morning and plugged it in 05:00, its been like that for a year and works just fine.

Whatever suits you is O.K. It can be cumbersome to have the light be on when you want to get to sleep, so have it go off by that time. I have mine to light up at 7.00 and shut down at 23:00 hours.