Turned the light off by accident

Hello… I just turned off my SG light by accident, and plugged back in the system… It is 1:30pm in where I live, and if I need its light off over the night, would it be okay for my well growing plants to be left in turned off SG over the night? Probably from 11pm to 7am?

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Dear @joann883,

Feel free to turn it off for the night and start a new cycle the next morning, it will have its 16/8 h automatically.

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Thank you! I’ve already done that, and its working fine :slight_smile: My tiny plants are safe, too!

I just wanted to weigh in here. I had to restart my schedule twice and both times were unexpected. First was the changed (in the northern hemisphere) off Daylight to Standard time. Suddenly my light was turning on much earlier than I wanted. The second time was a very brief power outage. I want to give that last some thought to try for a work around. Anyway, each time, I had to set my alarm for when I wanted my CG light’s “day” to start… and then remember to scoot in and plug it in. Those two times affected me far more than my plants. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the add up HappyME! Since I’m still a super novice, after the accidental light off, I frentically looked for answers within this pool of posts… And I found a great post stating that the water system does not depend on electricity, so now I feel more free of turning the system off to reschedule the cycle :slight_smile: (I had to adjust light cycle just one more time to fit into my schedule).

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