C&G morning wake up light

Our house is quite cool when we are away all day for work so I’ve moved the C&G into our bedroom as it is small space to keep warm during day. Light comes on same time as my alarm. Just thinking it would be neat if the lights came on a little gradually like a slow light wake up alarm… or is that really difficult technically? it could be a neat selling feature.


I’m in agreement with Deborah. A dusk to dawn feature would be nice since in the real world of gardening the sun in not that bright for 14-18 hours. A gradual increase and decrease in light would be ideal.

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Thanks @eric, indeed, that would be a great feature.

To make it more enjoyable also for humans (not just for plants) what do you think for how long should the sunrise or sunset last?

Lights should start of at 10% from 6am and gradually increase 100% by 10-11. Then start decreasing gradually starting around 5-6pm until it turns off around 9pm.

I actually have 2 aquarium led reef tank lights that stimulates dusk to dawn and intensity based on regions that the coral are found since I’m places of the world the light either is more intense out last longer throughout the day. It even has a moonlight feature that mimics the phases of the moon.

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