How can I switch out my Click & Grow lamp for night


I go to sleep at 10pm and I wake up at 7am. I would like the Click & Grow growlight to be off during that time. How can I achieve that?

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That’s normally done quite easily as the lamp itself has a built-in timer for 16 hours on and then it turns off for 8 hours.
So you can adjust it to your own everyday schedule - when you wake up at 7 am, you plug the lamp in, and then it will work for 16 hours.
This won’t be perfect to your specific schedule, so you might be able to buy a small additional timer from your local hardware store. You can use that as a middle-man who modifies the lamp timer by itself.

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@joonas So you mean this one?


Exactly! That should do nicely.

I guess this thing is also an option.

Why not - the cooler, the better!