Weird spots on my basil

Good day everyone,
This is my first post in this forum!
I am worried about my basil.
I noticed green spots on the click and grow garden, and also on some leaves. Can you help me? Is it still safe to eat? Thank you and have a good day :slight_smile:

It shouldn´t be anything dangerous.
It´s a bit hard to see from the picture, is it nutritional disorder, some fungus or pests.
I would suggest to remove those leaves with the spots and investigate plant closely, if new leaves are healthy.
You can dry removing lid (for a week) and put some cinnamon on the soil (it has natural antibacterial effect).

Let us now how it´s going.



Someone seems to be living here. I know a lot of bugs who find the moist and poison free plants growing in Click & Grow a perfect place to raise their young. I would cut the plant, clean the product and start with a new plant.

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Thanks for the replies! I had cut off the leaves as marets said, since I don’t want to throw away the plant yet, and I started to use an organic spray with bicarbonate, neem oil and peppermint oil and I found a dead aphid, so I guess that’s the problem! >.< I’ll use the cinnamon as well, thank you!