Basil plants have root nodules on the stem

Hi there!

I realised there were some whitish looking bugs feeding on my basil and have tried to removed them with neem oil. I still find a couple Everyday when I examined.

Could I check at which point should I just discard the plant? Currently they are still looking okie except for the stems that look bruised or have black dots after I removed the bugs.


Please, add another picture of you problem. Then we will know better what we are against with! :slight_smile:

I wanted to add more but new users restricted to just one pic :slight_smile: im not sure if it’s a mixture of root nodules and bugs issues I’m experiencing

For the attached pic, are they root nodules? The subsequent smaller “white spots and yellowish crust” I find on a daily basis at growing points I didn’t manage to take pic of them.

Another pic for reference :slight_smile:


thanks for the pics. These are definitely root nodules and normal to to your basil plants. You don’t have to fight them. On the contrary, you can make cuttings to multiply your basil with almost zero effort, since it already has grown roots on it.

Thanks Mirjam! Have been combing the web to look for solutions.

hello, I just noticed this on the stems of my basil plants. can you help me to know what it is?

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Hi @Pamela

Those are root nodules and normal to occur once the plant pod is maturing and when there is high humidity in the air. Nothing to worry about- that is all Nature.