Basil roots

My basil plant roots look like they are popping out. What should I do to fix that? Is that okay? Should I add soil?

Also, I noticed some aphids yesterday so I rinsed the top of the plants in water. I was thinking I rinse every few days just incase but any guidance is appreciated.

I saw the aphids (green and brown color) on my lettuce, tomatoes, and parsley.


This is quite okay, happens frequently. Just leave it as it is, aerial roots can emerge from time to time if the humidity is higher and this helps plants stay upright and to obtain water and nutrients from the substrate.

Aphids are bad news, indeed. If the aphids colony isn’t large frequent rinsing and washing with mild soap can help to control them. It is also common to use Neem oil spray for preventive maintenance and protection from multiple pests. For now, try to squish them if you see any. Keep an eye on your plants, if the pest population is rapidly rising it’s safe to get rid of all the plants with pests.