Why is the Basil is bitter

Basil is bitter. It has a slight basil taste in the beginning but an overwhelming bitter taste. Is this a problem with the plants? Is there a way to make it not bitter?

Hey! A really common question.
Basil in real life is bitter. That’s because the tasty-healthy-superfood compounds and essential oils in basil are bitter by nature.

So the problem here is that Click & Grow basil is not bitter - store bought hydroponic basil has no taste (or nutritional value).
Basil has a really strong taste when eaten by itself. I would mix it with food and enjoy the flavor.

Of course sometimes it can be too bitter. Especially when basil blooms. Then I would start a new fresher one.

Thanks. I have grown basil in a yard before and it was never this bitter. Is there an issue with click and grows crop? Should it not be eaten?

I think the more bitter it is the healthier.
How old is your basil? Is it starting to bloom?

It’s 40 days old. I don’t see any blooms starting.

Yes, a 40 day old basil should be just nice and tasty and should not be that bitter. Can I see a picture?

thanks for your help

Okay. So it has grown very well. I would cut back and see if young shoots are bitter also.

It would be just the correct time to cut it back at least by half, as @priit suggested.

Also, don’t forget to lower the lamp if you do so :slight_smile: