Basics = Inserting Plant Pods

I have jusr bought one of these and not sure I am doing everything right, and I mean down to the basics.

I can’t find anything telling me

  1. What way round to put the plant pods (The shape would suggest one way but the dip seems to indicate it should be over the tube?
  2. The tubes that go into the water seem to have a moveable centre.piece … should this be sticking up into the pods or flat? How far should it be sticking up?

Am sure I am doing something wrong here as after 3 days there is literally no sign of growth.

Sorry if they are stupid questions but couldn’t see answers anywhere.


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Hi, it is totally ok to have questions.

  1. Here is a setup video for sg3 Also, you can find a setup video for sg9 from the same support page.

  2. The movable center piece must be the wick (is this what you meant?)- it transports water to the soil. Usually, its position is already set as it is produced. But, just in case: It should be even with the lowest part of the cavity and sticking out a few mm in the cavity (where the soil is inserted), so it could have good contact with the soil.

So, it has been 3 days growing. Are the soils moist? It takes usually at least a week to germinate.

Please add a pic of you garden and how it is set up. Then I can give you more assistant.

Happy growing!