Changing color of first leaves

Hi! I’m the first time grower in Berlin. For some reason the color of lettuce (9 days), chili (20 days), and parsley (20 days) started to change… What could be a reason? All is set according to the instructions. The other 6 plants in my CNG 9 are healthy so far.

It looks like “tipburn”. IMO this is not harmful to the plant. It’s usually an indicator that the plant has been growing very fast in the last few days.


@tipfeler many many thanks! Good to know it’s nothing to be worried about! :slight_smile:


If you find the changes on cotyledons (first leaves) there is nothing to worry about. After the first true leaves appear the plant no longer needs first leaves and they usually die back.

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@Mirjam thank you! Something new to learn everyday! The true leaves are ok of all the plants so far, so I’m looking forward to my first harvest :slight_smile: :strawberry: :leafy_green: :slight_smile: :tomato: :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’m just a couple weeks into some new basil pods, and in the last couple days, some grey/dying leaf tips have developed on all 3 of the plants. Photo attached with an example.

I’m still on the first tank of water. Light cycle is set such that the grow light is on during the night and off during the day. It’s quite warm in the room where the plants are - probably about 75 degrees most of the time.

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Hi @ericms , welcome to the community!

In general, it looks healthy. First leaves aka cotyledons may die back, as the plant no longer needs those after sprouting. First true leaves look really good atm. and ready to thrive!

I noticed this on my lettuce plant this is day 12.

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Hi @Lydia , welcome to the community!

It seems that the browning only occurs on first leaves aka cotyledons. Those first leaves are meant to die back eventually and this will do no harm to your plants.

If such tip burn appears on true leaves you should go over growing conditions and plant care. The best way to do it is to follow the app for pod age and timed care tips.

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