Burnt tips in Lettuce?

We have started growing lettuce (12 days old) and we noticed what appears to be burnt tips. Wanted to make sure it is nothing more, as the lettuce is till pretty young. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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This always happens its natural

Thank you!

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If something like this happens, and you have time, you can use scissors to cut the damaged part of the plant… or the whole leaf.
This way you can have your perfect green. We do this for display plants a lot.

I had the same experience with my lettuce. Read that lettuce is shallow rooted and our water was a bit low. It was day 13 and we hadn’t added water again.

I have this too. My water bobber gets stuck and yet my level says it’s level. Burnt tips mean to dry or too much water?

Also should we be spritzing water on the plants?