Cleaning the click and grow

Is there a way to remove the top of the tank to clean the inside?

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Hi @Kristy_Brooks

Thankfully, there is a way to remove the top of the tank. If you are using a Smart Garden 3, please follow these instructions or here, and for Smart Garden 9 these instructions.
Don’t hesitate to use a bit of strength while removing the garden lid.

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Wow! That video made it look so easy to get the lid off. Mine wasn’t that easy. After removing the light bar, I found it best to work from the non float end. When I “achieved” a small gap, I used (very carefully) a small thin bladed screw driver to gently pry along the separation. I’ve used that method several times and there’s no gauge mark or anything so I’m not damaging my tank.

But your mileage may likely vary. It may also get easier after it’s been separated a few times. And I think it does get easier the cleaner the pieces can remain. Did that make sense? :herb: :woman_farmer:

It’s been awhile since @Kristy_Brooks posted this but it may also help someone else to “hear” from @Mirjam and read my post too.

As always, be of good care and stay safe. :adhesive_bandage: