How do I remove the float?

I’m growing Holy Basil in my SG-3 and they’re doing well. It’s kind of a strange plant and not like the basil I’m used to. Anyway, I started the garden on 8 July and have not had to add water which has surprised me. Now it’s getting close to needing water; the float bobs but just and the top of the float is below the top of the plant tray. That’s my question. When the float does bottom out and I need to add water, how do I remove the float? I’ve searched for this answer and not found it but perhaps my search term wasn’t right. Anyway, help here will be appreciated.

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Hi @HappyME,

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Indeed, holy basil is quite different from the most common sweet basil.

In favorable conditions, it may be that you need to fill the tank once a month.

To fill the water tank you don’t need to remove the float, just pour in some water as long and the float raises to the same level with the garden lid.

However, sometimes the float gets stuck if the water is too hard and aftel longer period of use the water may get inside the float and it may indicate the actual water lever wrong.

Here is a set up video for smart garden 3, I hope you find it helpful.

Hello and thanks.
The float bobs and has all along so I don’t think it’s stuck. When I moved a couple of the pods (to even the light distribution), I could still see a little water down in the tank and the wicks had droplets on them. So I’m assuming my float is “reporting” correctly. So from your post I gather the only time to actually remove the float is when one is cleaning the unit when it’s between crops and one turns it upside down to do that.

One more question. Is there ever a time when one would refill the tank even when there’s still a little bob motion?

Thanks again for the help.

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I fill the half empty tank sometimes when I’m going for a trip and away for a longer period of time. You don’t really have to wait until the tank is completely empty to fill it again, just make sure the float would not rise higher than the garden lid.

Ah. Okay and thanks. Thing is, the soil at the top is still quite wet so I guess continuing to wait is in order. It seems like 'way too long but everything looks good in my little patch so I’m a happy gardener.

This has been a helpful thread. I’ll consider it closed with thanks.

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