Water level question

Just a question. Is it best to continue filling with water when it gets low to always maintain it full of is it best to let it get all the way down before refilling?

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Hi @Kristy_Brooks
You don’t necessarily need to wait for the float to go all the way down to fill it again. Just make sure the float would not raise above the garden lid, it would cause overwatering. For e.g. if you’re going away for weeks, you can fill the tank, even if it is half full before filling.

Smart garden 9 float is very reliable. But if you are using a smart garden 3, make sure the float is showing you the correct water level. Sometimes, water gets into the float and it sinks, and, does not work as a water level indicator. Good thing is that it is easy to fix.
Happy growing!

How long can a full smartgarden 3 water reservoir go without needing to be refilled for just-planted basil pods? I’m leaving town for two weeks. Ok to plant before I leave or should I wait until I return?

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Hi @Lisacapsmith

If you’re just about the click the pods in it is fine to leave it for two weeks. At first young seedlings don’t use up that much water as fully mature plants would.

One last question: I have an old greenhouse that is largely in the shade due to growth of trees. I live on the Washington coast where the temperatures are expected to be in the low 60s for the next week. So…would like to set up the clickandgrow in there. Think it will get too hot in there while I’m away fit the next two weeks?

I’m not sure how an indoor garden performs in a greenhouse. This is really something that you may have to try out by yourself. I think it’s better to keep it indoors as it is meant to be used indoors only.