Water Level and adding water to the tank

Hello all,
I am so concerned about over watering that I fear I may be not watering enough. I have an unfortunate history of over watering plants so I’m having concerns here.
Every day I push down on the water level float to make sure it hasn’t reached the bottom of its travel and it pops up to indicate that water is still in the pan. I pulled up a pod to ensure the wick is wet and there is water in the pan. Water is present and the wick is wet.
My concern is that I initially watered when I started the garden just over a month ago and haven’t watered since.
Wait until the float hits bottom, is that the answer?

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Can you attach a pic of the current water level?

I must confess to abject paranoia about this watering post.
I checked the water level float this morning and it was at the bottom of its travel. I added water so the float is level with the top of the tank. I think I will give this subject a rest!
Thank you for your concern.

HI @hogmike,

what product do you have?


Sorry for the delayed response. I have the Smart Garden 9 and it is coming along nicely. I’ve clipped some lettuce and basil and my tomato plants are just starting to bud. Quite exciting!


When I put together my 9 plant set, I filled water tank the full 135 ounces. After about 3 weeks, when only a few sprouts were visible, I pushed down on the water level indicator and it bobbed right back up.

A week or two later, the indicator seemed a bit lower so I poured in more water, thinking it should need more water by now.

However, now, about 5 weeks into the start of my plant set (basil, red chard, mini tomatoes), the indicator seems still to be at the top and what looks like some type of tan/brownish growth, maybe mold?, is on top of all the pods.

Have I overwatered? If so, what should I do and is it really obvious when the tank needs refilling? Should I let it get to the indicator lying on the bottom before refilling? Would that be an inch down or ??

Thanks in advance.

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Dear @suejoneil , welcome to the community!

At first, when the plants are young and tiny they don’t need that much water and the tank doesn’t need to be filled that often.
Once the plants are in full size the tank may need to be filled more often, larger plants need more water. Also, if there is direct sunlight available and the temperature is higher then due to evaporation it may need filling more often.

In the case of smart garden 9, you may add water whenever convenient for you. Just make sure the float never rises higer then the garden lid, like shown in this setup video.

If you have more concerns, you are welcome to add a picture of your garden setup.

how often to add water to well

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Hi @topgunfv

It really depends on the plants you are growing and how large they are and if the garden is placed under full sun etc.
In general, every two weeks is fine to fill the tank, just make sure you check the float and don’t overfill the tank. Make sure the float is on the even level compared to the garden surface or lower, but never higher. to avoid overwatering.

Happy growing!

Hello! Sorry but I just started my garden today and accidentally seem to have filled the water so that the float is very slightly (about a couple of millimeters) above the lid… is this fine or should I take some water out?