Overwatered basil

Hello! My husband and I are new gardeners and we got click and grow as a Christmas gift. I thought that if I kept watering the lever it would go up, but when I stopped, the lever is now over the rest of my basil.

Is my basil toast? Is there any way the basil can survive? I promise not to water in a while! Thank you!

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Hello @Chandlerpearce!

Welcome to our community! Nice to have you here. The first basil sprouts look very-very cute indeed.

This is totally fine and I can assure you it has happened to most of us. Although it is not ideal, basil should be able to deal with it for a short period of time. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to pour out some of the water from the reservoir. And it should be okay :slight_smile: At first the plants need less water than in mature stage.

When checking the water level I advise looking into the reservoir and check if the water level visually. The water level should be below the pods, not higher than the bottom of the pods. That way you can ensure that the plants are not overwatered.

Oh, and a small piece of advice for the future if you ever need it - probably by some time float can show an incorrect water level, because the water could get inside of the float. Then you can empty the float by pressing into the middle part on both sides and pulling them apart.

Happy growing!