Just wanted to see what are the signs of overwatering? Is it even possible to overwater with click&grow gardens?


In my opinion float indicates watering. If its high up over the Smart Garden surface then your plants are overwatered. Do you have any experience with overwatering?

I posted about a strawberry that had wilted down and someone was saying that there is too much water in the cavity but the float was never higher than garden surface and other plants did well. Just not sure how only one pod could overwater and how to prevent it? Should I be worried when the plant starts looking dry - how does a plant dry up if there is too much water?

Maybe larger plants use all that water anyways and are not so sensitive? Seedlings, on the other hand, can’t use up all that water and roots may rot. It is easy to check, just take the soil out of the cavity for a second and see if there is free water at the bottom of the cavity… easy to perform.
Other than that, if the float level is even with the garden lid- it is impossible to overwater, but sometimes it is tricky with SG3 float that may have water inside and show wrong water level- just something to check on.

I usually push the float a little before watering with my finger. this way I can be sure its floating well and showing the water correctly.

I think it is quite difficult to overwater CG gardens.

But, if the water level is too high- too much water gets to the soil and that might cause problems for more sensitive and young seedlings.

Just keep the float on the same level with the garden lid if you add water to the tank.

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I agree with you there! Tapping the float a few times is the best way to be sure. And when I’m initially filling an SG3 I also shake the tank a little to dislodge any air so I get the proper amount of water in the tank which is faster and easier than measuring.

Initially I watered using the float’s position as the sole determinant only to find it suddenly rise up above the top. Suctioning it out with a long plastic eye dropper/pipette is tedious but effective and much less messy than trying to dump it out.

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