All of my tomato plants are dying

I have two cg, small one and the big one. Tomatoes in both are dying or dead. Never grew enough to bloom.

Now my strawberrys are wilting??

Maybe it is too much water? The floater should be on a level with sg case, not higher.


I am having a similar problem. The floater appears to be slight below the level of the base but also does not appear to be getting any lower and after two weeks I’ve yet to see any growth. I’m feeling very frustrated.

We are sorry to see that your mini tomatoes have not grown as expected!

As mentioned above, this may indeed be a case of overwatering - once the roots receive too much water, they begin to degrade and the plant will be drying out as a result. What is more, the mini tomato pods can definitely benefit from thinning in the first stages of growth - this helps to ensure that the pod is not too crowded for the plants to bloom and bear fruit.

In case you haven’t already, we definitely recommend getting in touch with out support team at for further assistance!