Green spot in lavinder, strawberry not sprouts

Hello, it’s been almost 15 days since i but lavinder and strawberry
The lavinder look good but their is greeen spot on soil idon’t know if i should do something about it…

Another thing about strawberry it’s been 15 days and it’s not sprouts what should I do ?
And i notes something about the soil in both strawberry and lavinder the soil look wet all the time is that normal ? (The water tank is not full)

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Hi, thanks for reaching out @Celine

The green thing on the soil is algae and perfectly normal and it is harmless to plants.

If any pods fail to sprout in three weeks, please reach out to Click and Grow support, faulty pods are usually replaced for free.

Pods hold in moisture as the seedlings are so tiny and don’t use up water that fast as mature plants would. As your plants mature you will soon see they will use up water much faster, and that’s why it is recommended to fill the tank once needed and not to keep it empty.
It is perfectly normal for the soil to be constantly moist.

Mold is not normal! But it’s normal for Click and Grow pods. It’s time for you to think about how to fix this please